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Wood Applications

  Rail Type: Wood / Metal
Wood Applications for decks, bridges, gazeebos, etc.
GSC is the best company to install Stainless Steel Cable railing on outdoor or indoor wood structures. The effect is awesome and everyone raves about the view! St. Joe, Rivercamp Development, used this design to give the most unrestricted view on their foot bridges. From personal homes to hotels, stainless steel cable railing looks great.



Nature Bridges / St. Joe project in Panama City, FL.

1/8in type 316 stainless steel gives a great look.

Clean railing look. The visibility is great.

400ft of open bridge. We actually caught 4 fish on our break.

The steel cable passes through 4x6 posts. We braced the endposts well. The cable is as tight as can be. 2.5in between cables.

Serenity. Beautiful landscaping.


Nature Bridges / St. Joe project in Panama City, FL. Bridge #2

Another beautiful bridge using 1/8in stainless steel type 316.

See through to the pretty marsh.

This is only a 200ft bridge. Fishing is still good off this bridge too.

That is what steel cables are for. Give a clean view of the scenery.

Overall shot of the bridge.

Beautiful see through railing that minimally impacts the pedestrians view.



Nature Bridges / St. Joe project in Panama City, FL. Bridge #3

100ft+ bridge by JD James / St Joe

It was obviously low tide when we took this picture.

Great views from the bridge.

Beautiful trail by the ocean.


Nature Bridges / St. Joe project in Panama City, FL. Bridge #4&5

Standard 1/8" SSAC 1x19 type 316 installation.

It was cold during this installation. But turned out beautiful.

Another bridge on a trail through the woods.

The view is awesome through the steel cables.

Overall shot of bridge.


Tiernan & Patrylo, Lake Martin, AL Deck Railing.

Cable Braces give the rail a great look.

Sleek Lines.

Looks great from the boat dock.

1/8in Stainless Steel Cable Railing.


Senoia, GA : Gazebo in the backyard. All wood installation. Looks great


Alpharetta, GA : Cool couple of seating areas overlooking the water. We recessed the terminators into the wood on this job. Great looking overlooks.

Overlooking the water.

Recessed recievers into the end posts.

3/16in, 1x19, type 316 stainless steel.

Athens, GA :Now you want to see some cool cables, check this out. The rails are actually trees from the backyard, stripped and oiled down. It looks terrific and the cables looked great!

Cool little section

Now this was a bit interesting. The whole handrail was one piece of wood. Curve and all. Definitely one of the most challenging installs for us.

Cool loft with a great view. Homeowners loved it.

Check that out!!!

Panama City Beach, FL : Check this bridge out. My goodness it goes forever. Overlooking the West Bay in Panama City, this place has some of the greatest sunsets I have seen. Steel cables on the whole bridge!

This is the longest bridge we have installed on to date.

1/8in stainless steel cable.

The bridge was built by Bridge Builders out of North Carolina.

Picture of bridge at low tide.

Sunsets are awesome from the bridge.

Freeport, FL : One of the most beautiful houses out there. Near Destin, FL, this house was a dream. Right on the water with an incredible view. Very well done. It was a pleasure installing this job.

Side view is great. Check out all the greenery around the house.

1/8th in stainless steel cable using AJB-6 hardware. The top cap is stainless steel also. Wow. What a view.

Pawleys Island, SC : Another incredible house that chose Goddard Specialty to install their cables. We have experienced crews that will get your job done professionally and on time.

Stairs using 1/8 in 1x19, type 316 SSAC and some adjust-a-jaw tensioners. Nice.

This was a beautiful house on the beach.

Epay wrapped posts and Epay flooring. Beautiful.

Califon, NJ : A bit out of the way for us but we go where anyone asks us. This was a great job. Beautiful house with a view second to none. Way cool!


Pascagoula, MS : This was a very nice bridge. Very long though. This is a local fishing bridge that the locals are very proud of.
Alys Beach, Florida : This is a very cool footpath built by Nature Bridges out of Monticello, FL. Very nice workmanship.

Small Overlook. This bridge used 1/8" SSAC, type 316, 1x19 steel cable.

Kinda weaves in and out of the forest.

Second Overlook.

Over 700ft of bridge!!

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