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Metal Applications

  Rail Type: Wood / Metal
Metal Applications are awesome.
Metal Railing with cables look great. But we must work together with the fabricator of the rails in order to make the cables work. GSC can also fabricate railing if we need to. Remember that a the rails must function properly while looking great. Most cable jobs that don't look good fail in the tensioning process.



Town Home Project: Inman Terrace.

3/16in Stainless steel cables on a 4' horizontal balcony railing.

3/16in Stainless steel stair rails. GSC installed the railing and steel.

An 11' horizontal rail with steel cables. This is located on the front porch. Notice the view through the cables.

Rails and cables. The railing is continuous up 4 stories with stainless steel throughout.


Sample Railing for Home Show

Beautiful satin/nickel finish

1 in solid rod with stainless steel cables

Notice the visibility through the railing

Gun Metal Finish, 1 1/2 in pipe with stainless steel cables


Irwin Street, Downtown Atlanta. GSC will install all stainless steel cables.

Beautiful new townhome overlooking downtown Atlanta, GA. On top is a deck with a hot tub.

Excellent stairway view. Clean lines and sleek look.

Good shot from the first floor living room. Stair rails look excellent. 1 1/2" round tube, powder coated black.

Nice view of the first landing. 7' horizontal rail with support bar to assist with cable deflection.

Top of the landing.


Smyrna, GA. GSC installs some hand rail and a small stainless steel safety rail piece. Small job but looks great. Home owner wanted an industrial look

11 foot handrail for small basement job.

Small 4 foot section saftey rail with steel cables.

Small 4 foot wall hand rail.

4 foot hand rail.

Picture of the ceiling. Cool look.

Alpharetta, GA. GSC installs a beautiful handrail system around a front porch deck. Awesome views from here. And the flowers look great. The homeowner definitely wanted to see her flowers.

This was a neat installation.

The view is great from their patio.

1 1/2" square tubing with 1/8" 1x19 type 316 cable 2.5 in on center.

Ultimate Fitness in Peachtree City, GA. GSC installs Steel Cable Rails around desk area and cardio equipment. Check it out. Rails were a silver aluminum color.

3/16in Stainless Steel Cables.

Separate the cardio machines from the rest of the gym.

Nice lines.

Clearwater, FL GSC installs Steel Cable Rails with Keuka-Studios out of New York. Talk about some great looking rails. Keuka designs some awesome railing. This is a restaurant installation on a huge deck. Jay Powers out of Alabama is the builder.

Beautiful cable rails designed by Keuka Studios. The cable is 3/16in.

This is a restaurant and a great place to hang out. Epay top caps on these rails.

Overlooking the water.

The best wide angle shot I could get. Cables everywhere.

We have worked with many fabricators of steel rails. Keuka Studios has delivered accurate and outstanding rail designs. Check them out. They ship all across the country. Click on the pic for their website.

Anderson, SC for Ken Black Builders on Lake Harwell. Beautiful lake front property and an interesting installation. The home was designed by Chapman Design Group, Inc. www.chapmandesign.com, a designer of fine homes. This was definitely a fine home.

Great view from the deck overlooking the lake.

2x2 square aluminum rails.

Steel rails were the perfect choice. 1/8th in 1x19 SSAC on aluminum rails. The columns were custom made and had wood blocking on the inside.

Atlanta, GA : GSC just finished a cool project in an amazing looking backyard. Who wouldn't want a backyard that looked like this? Avalon Pools is the designer of this whole backyard area.

1/8in, 1x19, type 316 steel for this project.

20 Sections total for this backyard area.

The railing gives the sleek look to this double infinity pool backyard.


Columbus, GA : GSC installs on a cool rail project. These are chrome powder coated rails on a very contemporary home.

3/16in steel cable. Chrome powder coated rails. They look great.

A little corner section.

The stairs look great with cables.


Charleston, SC :GSC installs in a Condo building on the bay. Beautiful view from this place. There are several more like this from Schaefer Interstate.

A very long run with 1/8", type 316, 1x19 steel.

These rails were 4x4 aluminum railing.

A great view from the deck on top the roof.

Check that out.

frontal condo view.


Savannah, GA: Orafol, a manufacturing facility in Savannah put some cables on their new plant emphasizing the lobby area. Pretty cool design. GSC did all the cabling for these guys. They still had to put the top caps on. We went back and did the tensioning at a later date.

The stairs and balcony railing got 3/16", type 316, 1x19 stainless steel.

It looks awesome once the top cap went on. Sorry, don't have any pics of that.

Stairway and lobby area cross shot.

That is a very big lobby!!! Well, it's also a very big building.


Salisbury, NC: Tilley's Harley Davidson had a cable job for us. 2 strands of cable on a ramp above the showroom floor. GSC installed this for them, no problem. The rails were done by Davidson Steel out of NC.

Shot of the door to the warehouse. Bikes come out here and follow the ramp to the showcase that sits on the roof overlooking the freeway!

3/16", type 316, 1x19, stainless steel.

Ramp is above the office. 2 strands of cable for the whole section.

Outside shot of the shop.


Winston-Salem, NC :GSC installs in a medical facility. Pretty standard stuff. Looks great though. Stairs and a section of railing. They still need to put the top cap on the rails.

We used beveled stainless steel washers on the stair runs.

Neat little stair section.

3/16" steel cable runs. Here is a 50 foot section.


Panama City Beach, FL :GSC installs in Emerald Beach Resort on 3rd and 4th floors overlooking lobby. Adds alot of neat lines to the whole lobby area. Check it out!

Third and fourth floor balconies. Looks great.

Powder coated Aluminum rails everywhere.

This was 10 sections of rail that ran all the way down the hall to the parking garage.

3/16in, type 316, 1x19 SSAC.

Check out that party pad overlooking the main strip.


Destin, FL :GSC installs in residential home Talk about a beautiful view of the ocean. Rails were fabricated by G&K Aluminum out of Panama City Beach, FL.

Great view of the deck from the sand. This was alot of fun to install.

We used R6-32 hardware and 1/8in type 316, 1x19 SSAC.

The total length of rail was close to 200ft.

Check this view out. Powder coated aluminum rails.


Lexington, NC : JKS Motorsports new facility. A really nice installation. The facility was still being built but I bet the final product is going to look spectacular.

Another 3/16in cable job.

Nice starway. It will look awesome when it is finished.

Main entrace way.


Atlanta, GA : Nice and sleek stairway in this catering facility. This company added on a second story to their building with cable rail stairway leading up. Looks great.

This catering facility was expanding.

Any new facility should have steel cable in it!!

Very pretty.

Job well done.


Athens, GA : Real pretty cherry top cap on some great looking rails This fab shop did a great job putting these rails together.

The Cherry top cap really set this railing off.

3/16" steel with aluminum rails. This was a really nice job.

Virginia Beach, VA : This was a medical facility that wanted steel cables on their stainless steel hand rail. The job turned out nicely. The drive there from Atlanta was a bit far but we got it done. Looks nice. They still need to polish the rails but when they are done it will be extremely awesome.

3/16" steel cable.

The rail is stainless steel 2" with 1/4" wall.

Looks pretty good.

Atlanta, GA: WXIA channel 11 studios opened a new facility. GSC did the stairwell for them. Pretty straight forward job. Check it out.

5 sections of 3/16" cable. Looks great.

Rails were done by Brown Steel out of Atlanta, GA.


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